Mecum Auctions, Bid War in Portland

Mecum Auctions

People buy classic cars for lots of reasons, but in recent years they have been increasing in value, it is a way to invest and be part of history. Mecum holds monthly auctions around our United States and they are currently helping the owner find new homes for some classic cars for the last 29 years.

Mecum auctions are proud to be the world’s largest collector car auctions handling about 15,000 consignments annually. The company philosophy is to help new customers find the car they enjoy. That may be buying the car that you once had in high school. A classic that your grandfather owned or something that dreams are made of.

But cars values are increasing in some cases. Where gold and fine art have decreased or been flat in value, most classic cars have been increasing considerably in value. And to keep that value strong you must get out and drive them. That makes the car way more valuable, to show that it runs well. If you are not into buying the cars and just want to come down and see the cars Mecum sells tickets to the auction just like a classic car show

They also have collections of classic motorbikes, and classic auto art, any of which you can add to you car crazy collection. The auction travels all over the USA, like an automotive antique roadshow

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