About | TestMiles.Com   Latest in Automotive News is a weekly/sometimes daily automotive news site, here you will learn about your favorite vehicles, and read about other top car makes and models. We have it all from the fast and furious, right down to the most economical car you can buy, or maybe you are looking for the best bang for your buck, or maybe you are looking to just look.

Talk with other car enthusiasts, ask questions to our knowledgeable auto journalist, or mechanics, take polls about some of the vehicles we have reviewed, and give us your honest opinions about what you think about the vehicles. Specializing in new vehicles, we have statistics and spec sheets for each vehicle we review. Find all the latest automotive news about almost every make and model.


Meet Our Journalists

Nik_MilesNik Miles:  has been in the automotive news industry for 15+ years now. He is a knowledge-base of information when it comes to anything that you can drive. He is currently the president of NWAPA (Northwest Automotive Press Association) . He travels around the world to capture all the breaking automotive news and delivers it to you in a very easy to understand format. Ask him a question on any of our articles. Be ready to be amazed with your responses back.
12052498_10101495754383280_257167228031487656_o.jpgTuan Huynh: is a tech and automotive enthusiast that wrote his first hardware review at the age of 14. Since then, he’s written for publications like, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide and Tom’s Hardware, covering PC and automotive subjects. He also served in PR and marketing roles at ASUS Computers and PC components manufacture ZOTAC.


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