Best Car Seats for Your Backside

We are waiting in our cars for a long time these days.  For our dogs to get out of the vets, for curbside pick up and more.  So what are the most comfortable cars to sit in for a long time?  We have a list of the Best Cars for Your Bum,  for those that don’t understand English, English that is the best seats for your backside.


#1 – Nissan Murano

Nissan worked with NASA to develop car seats from what they learned in space.  The Nissan idea was that in space the body is completely uninhibited by gravity and able to reach a relaxed and comfortable position.  The zero-gravity seat was developed hand in and with Nissan and Nasa and makes for a very comfortable ride in the Nissan Murano which is our number one pick.

#2 – Chrysler Pacifica2021-Chrysler-Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica is our number two pick.  The Pacifica is a roomy minivan that seats up to eight people.  4-way lumbar support makes the drivers seat adjustable as well as very comfortable, and if a seat does not have lumbar support it can be a problem for many drivers!

#3 – Chrysler 300

Number 3 is the Chrysler 300.  It has a 4 way lumbar as well.  Because the car is a full-size vehicle,  Chrysler has been able to make the seats big and plush with ample room.

#4 – Kia Cadenza

Kia has some outstanding cabins with the Cadenza having some of the most comfortable seats available not just in the front but also in the back with available heating in the back and heating and cooling in the front and that is our Number 4 choice.

What about luxury American cars? Lincoln interiors are some of the best we have ever seen and the Continental has some of the best seats in the industry.  Great materials, well made, and the base model features a 10-way adjustable seat. You can also choose the 24-way power-adjustable seats that include a power thigh extender and power headrest. Front and rear passengers also have the option in the Lincoln Continental to get heated and cooled seats.  The Lincoln Continental is our number 5.

Have you ever had trouble getting your driver’s seat in just the right position for you?  Well, that will not happen in the new Genesis G90. It has a 22-way adjustable driver seat so the driving position can be positioned perfectly.

Genesis will also have Ergo Motion seats in the new GV80.  They use air in the seats with adjustable one-touch for improved comfort and that is our number 6.

Finally, the pickup trucks with the best seats.  For style and comfort, the Ram 1500 has some of the best truck seats in the world.  If you are looking for seats that will last the longest time the Ford F150 has the best

If you are a big guy, bucket seats can be very uncomfortable.  If you are getting a car with sporty bucket seats make sure you take an extended test drive.  They can become uncomfortable when you have to sit in them for a long period.

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