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​The very first Honda Accord was introduced in 1977. It was a two-door tiny hatchback. Now eleven generations later, the 2023 Honda accord is vastly different.

What were you doing in 1977?

Many of us were not born yet. It was a long time ago. Jimmy Carter was the US President, and Star Wars opened in the movie theaters. The best-Selling US Car was the Chevy Impala. But in 1977, Honda brought the Accord to the market. Small and sassy, the Accord gave Americans excellent fuel economy they did not have from the available car lineup.

The 2023 Honda accord hybrid does the same, with forty-six miles per gallon in the city. It has extraordinarily low road noise and shifts seamlessly. Its new suspension gives a solid ride, and thanks to the broader track, it is controlled around corners.

Honda has upped the horsepower by two, giving 2023 a total of 204 HP. You have to be impressed by the six energy regeneration settings, so if one pedal driving is a little too harsh for you, you can gradually get used to it in a six-step program.

Along with an individual mode, you now have four driving modes for your split personality.
Honda has done an outstanding job with the new 2023 Accord. A more luxurious look, standard blacked-out LED headlights, 17-inch or 19-inch wheels, more rugged of a look. It has a swooped roof and a magnificent, chiseled trunk.

Three hybrids make up this class. Along with the 2023 Accord, there’s also a Toyota Camry hybrid, redesigned in 2018, and a Hyundai Sonata hybrid, redesigned in 2020.

If you haven’t seen the inside of a Honda Civic recently after its redesign, you should. The Accord gets the same treatment. A metal chain-link-style material goes across the middle. The 10.2-inch thin TFT gauge cluster is one of the best, displaying detailed graphics. In addition, the hybrid gets a delightful 12.3-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Honda only made the mistake of removing the Volume buttons once, but they’ll never do that again. It has an actual volume control knob and real HVAC control knobs.

It’s huge inside, has 105 ft.³ of space, and over forty inches of rear legroom. It even has USB-C chargers in the back. Honda; You have a winner on your hands.

The Honda Accord is issuing a challenge to its competition. Nissan, Hyundai, and Toyota, the game is changing. There will surely be some significant redesigns from those manufacturers soon.

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Published on: February 27, 2023

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