M8 vs LC500

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2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback XSE: Review

July 30, 2020 • Uncategorized • Views: 231

What Is It? For the 2019 model year, Toyota added a hatchback variant to the longstanding Corolla lineup with aims of increasing sales by appealing to a customer base that differs from sedan purchasers — buyers who need a practical and efficient vehicle yet also want a car both sporty and

Safest SUVs in America for 2020

July 30, 2020 • Uncategorized • Views: 327

IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Sport-utility vehicles and crossovers are some of the most popular vehicles in America, and safety is a big concern for shoppers when considering a new vehicle. Every new car sold in America must meet standards mandated by Title 49 of the United States Code, Chapter 301, for

2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro: Review

July 29, 2020 • Uncategorized • Views: 334

2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Perhaps one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road today, the stalwart Toyota 4Runner reigns as an original sport-utility vehicle still evolving since its debut in 1984. Based on Toyota’s pickup platform, the 4Runner has received numerous facelifts, new

Lexus LC500

July 29, 2020 • Uncategorized • Views: 165

Track-Ready Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 Debuts

July 29, 2020 • Uncategorized • Views: 352

Ready to Race Italian automaker Lamborghini takes extreme to the next level with the introduction of the all-new Essenza SCV12, a limited-edition hypercar designated for track-use only and not legal for on-road driving. The Essenza possesses the most powerful normally aspirated V12 engine the

A Tale of Two Bugattis

July 28, 2020 • Uncategorized • Views: 176

Extreme Performance With 1500 horsepower under the hood, the Bugatti Chiron is easily one of the most extreme sports cars in the world, and the performance figures for this stylish coupe are practically off the charts. Although engineers at Bugatti created the Chiron as an all-around performer, the

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR

July 27, 2020 • Uncategorized • Views: 160