BMW i4 eDrive 40




BMW i4 eDrive-40

“430i Gas Powered 4-Series Smoked by Electrified Version”

 By Arv Voss


The future of electric mobility is here now with BMW’s i4 eDrive 40 Gran Coupe – a rear motor, rear-wheel drive, 5-passenger, 4-door hatchback. In actuality, it’s technically a 4-door sedan in the guise of a sleekly designed coupe with a hatch rather than a conventional trunk. It’s neat with no ICE here folks. And, it smokes its gas powered 430i counterpart.

There are those naysayers concerning BMW’s focus on the electrification of their sedan lineup. Not to worry – even on the lower end of the spectrum with the i4 eDrive3 40.


The i4 is in essence, an EV example of the gas powered 4-Series Gran Coupe. Both display the same longer roofline, frameless door glass and rear liftgate. Rear seat accommodations and cargo access both exceed what any 3-series sedan serves up. Plus, it’s absolutely gorgeous.


Energy is provided by a current excited synchronous AC motor mounted aft and driving the rear wheels. The battery pack is an 81.5 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion unit with an 11.0kW onboard charger and the transmission is direct drive. Should one require more performance, there’s also an M50 with dual motors available.

0-60 time is 4.8 seconds (quicker than a Tesla Model 3, with a governed top-speed of 115 mph. Fuel economy is rated at 100 MPGe city, 98 MPGe highway and 99 MPGe combined. Range is 282 miles. There’s an 8-year/`100,000-mile high voltage battery warranty.

The i4 eDrive 40 rides on strut suspension up front and multilink out back, with power-assisted four-wheel vented disc brakes and regen braking. Rolling stock consists of Hankook Ventus S1 245/40R-19 98Y in front and 100Y in the rear mounted on five machine faced “Geo-petal” loops and black painted alloy wheels.


The cabin of the i4 40 is stylish and well laid out featuring a tech-packed curved-display screen with touch-screen functionality. Controls and switchgear are user friendly with learned familiarity adding to comfort and convenience. Connectivity and Infotainment


My test Bimmer i4 40 wore a Tanzanite Blue exterior finish and sported a Canbera Beige and Grey interior. The base price was set at $55,400. While optional extras elevated the total to $68,270. Options included: the Dynam,ic Handling Package, Driver’s Assistance Pro Package, Shadowline Package, M Sport Package, Parking Assistance Package, Premium Package, and Acoustic Protection.


Driving the i4 eDrive 40 is both exhilarating and pleasurable based on one’s mood. It is fast, smooth and the handling may be adjusted to satisfy various scenarios in terms of ride quality and steering response. Yes it costs more than the 430i, but it certainly seems worth it


If you’re in the market for an ideal electric vehicle, try on the “Ultimate Driving Machine” – (hold the ICE) and give the BMW i4 eDrive 40 Gran Sport Coupe a go on the road or track. You won’t be disappointed.


Base Price:                            $55,400.

Price as Tested:                    $68,270.

Motor Type and Size:     Current excited Synchronous AC with liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack 81.5kWh and 11.0kW onboard charger.

Horsepower (bhp):              335     @ 8,000-17,000 rpm

Torque (ft./ lbs.):                  317     @ 0-5,000 rpm

Transmission:                      Direct Drive

Drive Train:                          Rear Motor – Rear Wheel Drive

Suspension:                          Front –            Struts

                                               Rear – Multilink

Brakes:                                   Power-assisted four wheel vented discs

Tires:                                       Hankook VentusS1 evo3 – 245-40R-19 98Y front (100Y Rear)

Wheelbase:                          112.4  inches

Length Overall:                      185.5  inches

Width:                                     72.9 inches

Height:                                    57.0 inches

Curb Weight:                                    4,699 lbs.

Fuel Capacity:                       0- electric

EPA Mileage Estimates:         100 MPGe mpg city – 98 MPGe highway / 100           MPGe combined – Range

0 – 60 mph:                               4.8 seconds

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