The Future Of Diesel

The Future Of Diesel

We are all happy with low gas prices, but it may have an adverse effect on the environment. Those low prices at the pump are spurring SUV sales in the US to recored numbers which means we are pumping more noxious gasses into the atmosphere. When you look at the new Land Rover Range Rover Sport there is something different about it, it doesn’t use gasoline. The new Range Rover Sport now comes with a diesel engine. I know the first thing that popped into your head was that same as mine. Land Rover is introducing a diesel engine right in the middle of the Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal. If you have a vehicle with a diesel engine, it’s highly recommended to bring your vehicle to a diesel service shop on a regular basis.

Land Rover did their homework and asked their customers what they wanted, and customers told them a diesel engine. The initial customer reaction and dealer reaction gives us a lot of confidence that this will be a very successful product. It helps if we understand some of the basics of diesel engines. Why would customers want them? The big advantage of choosing diesel over gas is the efficiency. It also has greater low end torque, which gives you power at low speeds, which helps in towing and off-roading. That is the reason why heavy-duty vehicles more often than not run on diesel, with Onsite Diesel Delivery services ready to supply them wherever they might be located should the need the rise. In simpler terms, you can tell something is prolific enough when services start to grow around it.

Only eight automakers are including diesel SUV’s in their line ups. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Jaguar, Jeep, and now Land Rover. Naturally they provide diesel truck maintenance for these vehicles as well. At a savings of up to 32% in fuel consumption it is hard to understand why America has not jumped on the diesel bandwagon before now. Half the battle with diesel is changing the American perspective on the fuel. Many Americans thank diesel vehicles are loud, dirty, and the fuel is not always as readily available as gas. Even though Range Rover have a reputation for off road dominance and highway speed and performance, but does this diesel vehicle make a diesel more of a hauler or more than a sporty performer? In modern diesels you don’t have to trade off the sporty performance for fuel economy. You actually get the best of both worlds. In an average year a Range Rover diesel can save you $450 dollars in fuel costs and with the price only being $1,500 more than a gas Range Rover it will have paid for itself in 3 years. Okay the price of this brand new Range Rover diesel $108,000 for the one we have been driving and it will do 29 MPG on the diesel. Let’s see if America is ready for some more diesel.

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Published on: December 23, 2015

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