Wingamm Oasi 540: Compact RV Coming to America

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Over the last 18 months, demand for RVs in the U.S. has increased dramatically as the ongoing pandemic changes the way Americans vacation, work and live. Taking advantage of this heightened demand, a leading provider of compact luxury RVs in Europe is now coming to America. The Wingamm Oasi 540 RV offers luxury RV living in an efficient package that makes getting away — and staying on the road — much easier.

© WingammFilling a Compact Gap
“My vision has always been to bring my family owned brand of compact European motorhomes to America,” said Lorena Turri, CEO of Wingamm. “Our plan came together when I met Tony Diamond and the TM Motorhome Sales team about two years ago at our headquarters in Verona, Italy. Tony was very enthusiastic about the changing trends in how Americans want to live and travel and the gap in the compact RV market that Wingamm could fill,” noted Turri.

© WingammComing to America
Wingamm CEO Lorena Turri also recognized the lengthy process of collaboration to deliver a micro motorhome that Americans would appreciate. “It has taken persistence and innovation from our team of amazing engineers and consultants in both Italy and the US to create a Wingamm Oasi 540 for the US market and now it is officially coming to America,” Turri enthused.

© WingammCompact Size
The Oasi 540 will be the first Wingamm RV to roll on American roads. Built on a Ram Promaster chassis for the American market, this luxuriously compact Class B RV measures less than 18 feet long — shorter than a typical full-size pickup truck. This Oasi 540 RV features a custom fiberglass monocoque shell that not only gives the coach a distinctive look, but also eliminates creaks and groans while driving. The fiberglass monocoque enables better thermal insulation as well.

© WingammSmall Footprint, Big Access
The Wingamm Oasi 540’s small footprint translates into easier maneuverability in locations that can be difficult for larger RVs, such as parking lots; gas stations; county, state and national parks; as well as tight campsites.

© WingammRoomy Interior
Although the Oasi 540’s compact exterior dimensions will draw attention, the interior layout of this luxury RV will definitely impress — Wingamm outfits the coach with an amazing level of innovation. Small on the outside, large on the inside with jaw-dropping design could be the best way to describe this new Italian RV entry. Wingamm notes that Oasi 540 offers space for up to four people to travel in style, although the coach sleeps three.

© WingammGalley
The Wingamm Oasi 540 features a full galley with a sink, a 2-burner stove and a refrigerator. In-house designed and built drawers and cabinets provide plenty of storage space.

© WingammOverhead Bed
The Wingamm Oasi 540 provides a 2-person, full-size bed that doesn’t require any cumbersome conversion of a seating space into a sleeping arrangement — instead the bed descends from the ceiling when needed and retracts back into the upper space when not in use. The longitudinal positioning of the bed also means no crawling over a sleeping partner, and the bed doesn’t impinge on interior space during the day.

© WingammFull Bathroom
Perhaps even more important to some than sleeping accommodations, a full bathroom can be the ultimate luxury while camping. And having a full bathroom (with shower) in an RV the size of the Wingamm Oasi 540 is practically unthinkable in the compact segment. The Oasi 540 has a full standup shower, a ceramic cassette toilet and even a sink and vanity with counter space. The window is a welcome touch that adds a spacious feeling to the area.

© WingammSanitary Solution
Granted, sewage is a stinky subject, although it’s something every RVer needs to deal with. Wingamm makes sanitation processing easy in the Oasi 540 thanks to a cassette system that plugs into the side of the RV. The system uses a catalyst to break down solid waste and, when full, the cassette can be removed and carried (or even rolled) like a suitcase to any bathroom and the contents dumped into a toilet and flushed.

© WingammAll Season
In addition to the impressive versatility of the Oasi 540, the luxury compact RV has the ability to handle 4-season cold weather. Polyurethane foam in the double-shell fiberglass monocoque provides excellent insulation, and radiant floor heating better distributes warmth while operating more efficiently.

© WingammComing Soon
The Wingamm Oasi 540 will initially be sold in California and New Jersey later this year at a starting price of $135,000. The company and its U.S. distributor plans to expand sales nationwide by 2023.

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