Toyota & Microsoft Are Working On New Facial Recognition

Toyota & Microsoft Are Working On New Facial Recognition

Technology and cars are moving a such a rate of advancement that car companies need to partner with experienced tech companies just to keep up with all the new invention. As a result this week Toyota announced just that. A new partnership with Microsoft. Toyota have joined forced with Microsoft to work on car telematics, data analytic and network security services. They will work together to help create the car of the future. Unlike many other car tech ventures, Toyota want to inhumane the driving experience while pushing the technology into the background. When you use your car you won’t notice the technology making your life much simpler.

Together Toyota and Microsoft will accelerate their research and development plans to bring their new ideas to market so what are those ideas? Imagine waking up to the trunk of your car and it recognizes you through facial recognition software and then opens the trunk. No need to push a button or swipe your foot under the rear bumper. Microsoft and Toyota will be working together with some existing technologies. If you fail to break in an emergency situation you can will do it for you, but it will also communicate with other vehicles behind you to let them know that there may be problems ahead. So in the future vehicle will not just be talking to drivers, but they will be talking to other vehicles and infrastructure, so on the way to the airport you will know if you have had a gate change and your car will also tell you the best place to park in the airport, where there is a free parking space. The most exciting thing is that these companies will be working in ways that excite and anticipate the needs of the consumer.

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Published on: April 7, 2016

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