The Truth About Ride-Sharing

Ride-Sharing Becomes More and More Relevant

Recently car manufacturers have been buying ride-sharing/ car-sharing companies, for instance, general motor just brought maven and also sidecar. But some new research made by Mercedes-Benz show 71% of Millenials like to own their own vehicles

New research carried out by german manufacturer Mercedes-Benz finds that 71% of millennials want to own their own vehicle. This could put a wrench in some car manufacturers plans. The new chevy bolt was developed with ridesharing in mind. And general motors have recently purchased maven and side car both ridesharing/ car sharing companies.

In April, BMW launched “reach now” a free-floating premium car sharing service in Seattle, BMW also announced its plans to expand the service to three additional cities in 2016
But this could be a short term fix as those born after 1982 have less interested in playing well with others and sharing their toys, they want to own them, and have their own cars

The latest data also shows that even if people use services like cars to go or Uber they tend to buy a vehicle as soon as they start a family. First-time car buyers used to be in their teens but now those ages have increased and more often than not are in their mid-twenties before throwing down the cash for a new car

But perhaps companies like general motors and BMW who are getting into the car-sharing game are wiser than we think. Maybe if you have used one of their vehicles for car sharing you are more likely to buy a brand you are more familiar with,and of course things change in the future and it will be some time before we will know if ridesharing will be big news

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Published on: June 29, 2016

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