Technology that will tell you where a pothole is

Technology that will tell you where a pothole is

If you are a driver and you hit a pothole you know it can do quite some damage to a vehicle. Land Rover have found a way to let drivers know about a potholes before they hit them. The new system that Land Rover are currently developing is called pothole detection. It is a road terrain detection technology that would automatically catalog the locations of potholes, manhole covers, and broken pavement and then share this data via a cloud computer with other cars on the road.

A vehicle receiving information about potholes would be able to warn the driver and also adjust its own suspension accordingly to soften the impact. This would help cars avoid wheel and tire damage as well as punctures. As a good portion of tire punctures are caused not by sharp objects but by wheel and tire damage inflicted by broken pavement and other objects that do not necessarily penetrate the tire. So how bad are the potholes in our roads. The vast majority of America’s highways were built in the 1950s through the 1970s. Most were built to last 50 years. With time, all the factors that compromise pavement add up by the same token. Some roads have lasted much longer than planned in part due to good maintenance.

The average annual cost for auto service repairs due to rough pavement for individual motorists is $377. Repairs typically involve tires, shock absorbers, suspension systems, struts, rims, wheel alignment, and catalytic converters. The cost of bad roads to American business between now and 2022 is estimated to be $240 billion, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. So this new Land Rover system could save driver a substantial amount of money. The company is also building in a system to notify a city about a pothole, I wonder how long it would take to get a pothole fixed if the city council members got an email, text, or tweet every time a Land Rover ran over a pothole.

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Published on: June 21, 2015

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