How to refuel a hydrogen fuel-cell car – 2021 Toyota Mirai

Mirai means future in Japanese, which is the perfect name for a car that fits into a strategy that also includes Toyota’s current and future hybrids and upcoming battery electric vehicles (BEVs), like the recently announced bZ4X.

This second-generation Mirai brings a stunning design that doesn’t quit, more engaging driving performance and an increased zero emission range of 402 EPA-estimated miles range on the Mirai XLE (previous EPA rating of 312 miles), a nearly 30% increase over the first-generation model.

The XLE starts at $49,500, which is $9,050 less than the previous generation’s MSRP.

The loaded Limited trim then starts at $66,000. The only additional options are the 20-inch Super Chrome Alloy Wheels for $1,120 on the Limited trim, adding the Advanced Technology Package to the XLE for $1,410, or adding special color paint to either trim for $425.

Toyota is also offering $15,000/3 Years of complimentary hydrogen fuel and an extended ToyotaCare program.

The ToyotaCare runs for either three years or 35,000 miles. It also comes with three years of roadside assistance and a 100,000 mile/8-year warranty for key fuel cell electric vehicle components. Toyota has also announced lease pricing, with the XLE available for $499 a month and the Limited for $549.

California has 47 hydrogen stations (Nov., 2021) and there’s one in Hawaii. Those are also the only states the Mirai will be available in for now as the rest of the country has some catching up to do. Toyota and other automakers are working with local governments to expand the number of fueling stations available.

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Published on: November 19, 2021

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