Ford Bronco Raptor – First desert racing-inspired SUV in America

I was one of the first automotive journalists to drive the new Ford Bronco Raptor, in Johnson Valley, where King of the Hammers takes place. One of the most grueling off-road desert events in North America. This vehicle is built specifically for some of those events for high-speed desert racing. The first desert racing-inspired SUV in America. It is powerful, it is fast. We have to get there on the road, So let’s take it for a run.

Before we get to race the Bronco Raptor across the desert, we have to drive through the mountains near Palm Springs. Here is the deal, you can buy off-roading vehicles all day but drive them down the highway and they are all loud, bumpy, and uncomfortable. Interesting enough. This Bronco raptor is none of those. It’s not making a lot of noise, It’s not bumpy at all. Forty-five miles an hour and it’s extremely comfortable to drive.

In fact, this is a better drive on the highway than the regular Bronco. And when they told me that in the presentation, I thought they might have been fibbing. No, not so. The Bronco Raptor leaves, and the factory upgraded for performance on the inside. Now, the interior has some unique features, it has carbon-fiber Accents and bolstered seats, especially for off-roading. Ford gave us some red accents, as well as the big red Bronco name across the passenger side. So that, you know, this is a bronco Raptor.

It also has goat modes for two exclusive goat modes because it is the Raptor. One of those is Sports paddle shifters and an exhaust mode on the steering wheel. So, you can be extremely loud and let people know that you’re driving a Bronco Raptor..

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Published on: June 20, 2022

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