First Look At The 2016 Scion iA & iM

First Look At The 2016 Scion iA & iM

It has been 12 years since Scion have been in the US and they are going through a reinvention. Scion are reinventing themselves because they whant the very first car you ever buy to be a Scion. Scion have gone back to the drawing board and the result is two brand new cars for America. The Scion iA and the Scion iM. The original conquest and reason for the brands existence was be a fresh new TECH car company for savvy younger buyer’s. I wasn’t sure if I like these cars when they were revealed at the New York Auto Show this year.

I did find the new Scion iM hatchback to be sporty, versatile, and value for the money. In fact when you put it side by side with the subcompacts in the same class you will find it has more equipment for the money than any of the competition… by a long way.

Scion like to call the iM the swiss army knife of cars, built in Japan there are only two options on the car. Color and Transmission, either manual or CVT. The standard content is very impressive power folding heated mirrors, shark fin antenna, LED lights, multi info display, audio controls on the wheel, dual climate, 60/40 split seats, 7 inch pioneer touch screen, voice capable AHA App with Facebook and Twitter, it even has a rear backup camera and the best part is a two year cost free maintenance.

So what about the Scion iA. Well this is a new compact sedan expected to sell about 40K in the first year. It goes up against the Ford Fiesta and the Nissan Versa sedan. It is an aspirational sedan made in Mexico and built for Scion by Mazda. The Scion iA too has lots of standard equipment like push button start, remote keyless entry, voice recognition, and some advanced safety systems including six airbags, an infrared radar system that has a 20 feet range will warn the driver about an imminent accident between 2-18 MPH and break if the driver does not. Now both of these Scion‘s come to market September 1st, the Scion iA priced at $17,000 and the Scion iM just over $19,000 and I like them a lot more after driving them.

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