First Drive: Ford’s Lightning // check out what this truck can do

​From the second it was announced, it has captivated the nation. In less than a year, Ford had to close the reservations list because they hit 200,000, a number that will take them up to 18 months to manufacture. Americans are fascinated by the frunk, it can power you home for up to 3 days, tow 10,000 lbs, and starts under $40,000

Ford does have a Platinum version that starts at over $90,000 dollars, but the big news will be the under $40,000 dollar version of this truck – visit here for further details. A lot of people are going to be interested, being that the transactional price of cars in America is somewhere around 38,000 dollars on average, but this has all the bells and whistles. That huge screen front is the same as the one that you’ll find in the Mach-E, and that comes along with all the features like the Mach-E. Because over-the-air updates are something that excites me, this truck now has blue cruise.

Yes, hand off the wheel and feet off the pedals for around 130,00 miles of highway driving in America. That pro series truck that starts under $40,000 well, that is not too bad either, standard dual motors, led headlamps, 230 miles of range, and rear park aid.

Although the lightning is listed at 6500 lbs in weight, its design and low center of gravity give it an advantage when it comes to handling. You often think trucks are big and heavy, but this thing is nimble and light. It’s nothing like a pickup, and It’s engineered completely differently.

Mentally, we think that electric vehicles and off-roading do not mix well, but we found this not to be so. The lightning danced on the off-road course, and towing heavy loads seemed to be soother than my experience in the gas trucks, but this doesn’t mean that it can tow anything. If there’s something past the 1000lbs limit then you may need to hire emergency towing services. Ford has promised another electric pickup soon, and there are Custom Winch Truck Building companies that can help you if you have a very specific need that you want fulfilled. This one is a hit with me and as I head back to the hotel after an exhausting day of driving, there is only one more thing to do.

We want to try hands-free driving with Ford’s blue cruise. It has to be with an 18 wheeler accident lawyer‘s assurance. So, we put on adaptive cruise control, set the lane-keep on and then we set the speed limit, and I took my hands off the wheel and…it worked. For now, we can do this for about 130,000 to 150,000 miles on specific roads in North America. So, sit back and relax, America. We are going to let the Ford F-150 Lightning do all the driving, however, even though the Ford F-150 Lightning can allow you do do this, that does not mean that you can get behind the wheel under the influence. If you decide to do this you may need a visit from a dui defense attorney in the future since it raises the risk of you getting into an accident and even injure others.

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Published on: May 11, 2022

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