Are Electric cars cleaner than you? Today they are. The Nissan leaf let everyone know this week that the electric car company and self washing technology were finally married into one small electric pile of convenience. 

Electric Car

2014 Nissan Leaf Clean Car

Nissan has applied its Ultra-Ever Dry coating to the electric, emissions-free Leaf car so that it can boast and strut around as the worlds cleanest car.  Honda did something similar with the Element, but nothing like this. 

Earlier this year Nissan revealed the self-washing car paint, its a Teflon-like coating that’s so dense and slick that it repels mud, dirt, grime and anything a small child can produce. Well, almost anything. 

The Leaf was the first modern electric car to go on sale from a major maker. Despite having been in the market for more than two years and no mass love and acceptance for electric cars, it has sold extremely well. 

Pierre Long, vice president fo product planning for Nissan North America said in a official statement “The 100% electric leaf provides the perfect canvas for this new, advanced paint technology” – “This is one Leaf that never has to stop at gas stations, not even for a car wash”

Hurry up and take my money, right? Nope. Nissan says because they are still testing the paint, this option will not be available on show room floors anytime soon. However after I pried a little deeper, they also let out that this will not be a standard option, and it would likely show up as an aftermarket selection. 

Who else cant wait until we can apply this to everything else?

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Published on: July 10, 2014

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