Cosworth Comes To the US



Cosworth high performance engineers were looking for a location to start manufacturing their multitude of engines and parts in the US. With a 30 million dollar budget, Cosworth plans to build a facility big enough to produce several products at a time. Soon to be Shelby Township Facility shall produce a number of V8 cylinders for an unnamed auto manufacturer, according to Cosworth CEO Hal Reisiger.


Although Cosworth is basing this move off of Ford_Escort_RS_Cosworthonly one customer they are  hoping another manufacturer will grab a hold of them. Cosworth has already established their name with the Lotus MK and all of its siblings, not to mention several Junior Formula cars in the fifties and sixties. Other engines were produced for several different Fords including the Ford Cosworth. This year marks the 100th Indy 500 race and Cosworth today still plays a big part in the race with electronics used in gasoline alley aiding the mechanics in tweaking what they can to ensure that their driver kisses the bricks.

Independent British high end sports car company TVR plans to give the Cosworth built V8 a home under the hood of four of their newer whimsical vehicles, the first of four models.


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Published on: May 26, 2016

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