Can OpenBay Help You Save Money


Unfortunately vehicles break down, they need repair and maintenance. It’s the part of owning a car that is one of the least enjoyable parts but there’s an online marketplace that is changing the way you get your auto maintenance done. OpenBay connect have found a way to leverage the connected car. They can remotely diagnose automotive vehicle problems, get quotes from local mechanic and even do things like find a shop that will loan you a car while your is being repaired.

It is like an on demand repair service. You can find shops with the best price, that are closest to you. You can see how they are rated by other OpenBay customers and you can choose repair shops that have the amenities that you are looking for like a shop that has WIFI or one where you can drop off your car outside hours. It is important to know that the show bids on your repair and don’t just give you a quote. You can see a map with locations of the mechanics and the bid on the work you need done.

What is really impressive is that modern vehicles can transmit data on the cars heath that can be gathered by OpenBay to help diagnose a problem. If that problem needs fixing immediately then you get bids without having any human interaction. The whole process can be completed in as little as three taps of your smart phone. So no arguing with your mechanic over price. You can pay right through the APP and the service is free to vehicle owners. The latest figures put over 250 million vehicles on the road in the US and more that 70% of those are over 5 years old and need to visit the auto shop 2-3 times a year.


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