2020 Jeep Cherokee High Altitude 4×4 Test Drive

“2020 Jeep Cherokee High Altitude 4×4”
Jeep Cherokee High Altitude a Lofty Choice in SUVs


There were some folks in the traditionalist Jeep camp who weren’t happy campers when the design language of the iconic Jeep Cherokee changed with the 2014 Jeep Cherokee lineup. For starters, some Jeepsters were fans of the Jeep Liberty, which was replaced by the Cherokee. Next, the boxy format of the old Cherokee managed from existance. There’s was also the issue of the modification to iconic styling cues, such as the vertically upright seven-slot grille and conventional placement of round headlights. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee definitely represented a radical departure from the Cherokee of old, but let’s face it, if things never changed in the interest of progress, we wouldn’t even have typewriters, let alone personal computers, and we might even still rely on the horse and buggy for transportation. New 2020 Jeep Cherokee a game changer.
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