2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT AWD Performance

“2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT AWD Performance”
Mach-E Owners Now Get A Charge Out of Mustang

By Arv Voss


Ford’s Mustang Pony car first appeared in 1964 and until now, the Mustang was always only available in either coupe or convertible form. For 2021 the Mustang was introduced as a horse of a different color, taking on the form of an all-electric crossover with comfortable accommodations for five – the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, electrified the pony car stable for the first time in 55 years.

While Mustang aficionados may turn up their noses at just the very thought of an electrified version, Ford has indicated that it delivers one of the most technologically advanced vehicles that they’ve ever turned out without abandoning the iconic Mustang appeal.


The 2021 Mustang Mach-E is a five-passenger crossover that will come in different levels of trim in either RWD or AWD depending upon the trim level chosen. The 2023 models will be the third year for the Mach-E. Models will include Premium, GT and GT Performance with several appearance update packages and a couple of new exterior options. The GT model is now currently available and comes standard with a panoramic glass roof. Previous traditional Mustangs only had two doors, while the Mach-E models sport four doors and a rear hatch.

Does the Mach-E appear to be a Mustang in the traditional sense? Not no, but hell no. The all electric Mustang Mach-E promises to provide a satisfactory level of fast fun along with a new level of freedom for a new group of Mustang consumers, while retaining several visual cues aimed at connecting the Mach-E with classic Mustang styling.
Proudly positioned on Mach-E’s front end sans grille will be the familiar Mustang pony image. The rear will feature familiar Mustang taillights that illuminate sequentially as turn indicators. The wide stance, elongated hood, gracefully curved roofline, sculpted side panels and aggressive stance add to the racy appeal. Not a single Ford Blue Oval graces the surface of the Mach-E’s exterior skin. Door handles are also non-existent, with illuminated buttons taking their place on both the “B” and “C” pillars.


The Mustang Mach-E’s cabin design represents a totally new approach for Ford. It’s Ford’s first vehicle utilizing the new Sync4 infotainment system, accessible via a huge 15.5-inch floating touchscreen, similar to Tesla’s huge i-Pad-like tablet. Other “floating” style elements include optional Bang & Olufsen speakers covering the front dash, rising above the air vents. There’s also a floating, flip-up armrest that serves as another small storage unit for Personal items. Providing familiarity, there’s the traditional Mustang double-cowl instrument panel and also vegan-style leather upholstery.

Those seeking a sense of openness will enjoy the panoramic fixed-glass roof that features a special glass coating with infrared protection to help keep the interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The rear trunk delivers 23 cubic feet of space, which increases to 59.6 cubic feet. with the rear seats folded down. In addition to the rear cargo area, the Mach E serves up a front trunk or “Frunk” with another 4.8 cubic feet of drainable storage space. There is a full suite of state of the art comfort,convenioence , connectivity and infotainment features.


The Mach-E all-wheel-drive system employs two electric motors that will apply torque independently to the front or rear axles for exceptional traction under acceleration, as well as better grip and handling on slick road surfaces.

The two electric motors propelling the Mach-E are powered by lithium-ion batteries – a standard-range 75.7 kWh lithium-ion battery or a 98.8 kWh extended range battery. The 98.8 kWh battery has a targeted EPA-estimated range of at least 300 miles in the rear-wheel-drive configuration. The 75.7 kWh battery is good for 230 miles with RWD, while the GT model provides a range of up to 290 miles. A majority of owners will likely recharge at home, so the Mach-E is comes with a Ford Connected Charging station that adds up to 32 miles of range per hour on a household 240-volt outlet. This charger can add an estimated average range of 22 miles per charging hour with that same voltage. The batteries from AED Advantage are liquid-cooled units for improved performance in extreme temperatures, and they are stored inside a waterproof case surrounded by crash-absorption protection.

Ford has teamed up with Electrify America offering owners access to the largest US public charging network with currently more than 12,500 stations. Plugged into a DC charger with a peak charging rate of 150 kW, the extended-range RWD Mach-E can add 47 miles of range in about 10 minutes, and charging from 10 to 80 percent takes 38 minutes.


My test Ford Mustang Mach-E GT camw with AWE and wore an exterior finished in Rapid Red Metalic with a tinted clear coat, while the inbterior was done in Black and Charcoal tones. Yhe base price was set at $59,900, while options added $8,600 and included the exterior paint, the Performance Package, the Panoramic fixed glass roof and Ford’s Co-Pilot Active 2.0. Destination and Delivery added another $1,100. For a total of $69,600. Before taxes and license and any energy credits.


The Ford Mustang Mach-E GT AWD Performance delivers an exceptionally smooth ride, quiet operation and rapid acceleration. It enjoys a one pedal operation which is entertaining and efficient, modulating the car’s forward motion with only the accelerator, using the traditional foot brake only for emergency stops. 0-60 mph clicks off in a mere 3.5 seconds.

SPECIFICATIONS: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT AWD Performance

VEHICLE TYPE_________________Four door Five-passenger Crossover

BASE PRICE___________________$59,900.
AS TESTED PRICE_____________.$69,600.

MOTOR SIZE AND TYPE…………Two permanent magnet ynchronous Electric
motors 75.7 kWh Lithium-ion Battery-Standard Range 288 cells Electric 98.8
kWh Lithium-ion Battery-Extended Range 376 cells Both with 8 year/100,000
mile Warranty and Up tp115kW DC Fast Charge Capability

BRAKES________________________Four-wheel vented discs
TIRES__________________________Pirelli P-Zero 245/45R 20 103Y20-inch mounted on cross-spoke Machine face with black painted pockets.
HORSEPOWER (bhp)_____________ 434
TORQUE (lb.-ft.)_________________ 612
TRANSMISSION_________________ Two Direct Drives

OVERALL LENGTH_______________ 186.7 inches
WIDTH-________________________ 74.1 inches
HEIGHT________________________ 63.5 inches

TURNING CIRCLE________________ 38.1 ft.

CURB WEIGHT__________________ 5,001 lbs. configurations.

FUEL CAPACITY________________ _All-Electric

EPA MILEAGE RATING_____________84 MPGe – 90 city – 96 Hiway-41KW hours per 100 miles. Range 270.

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