BougeRV Door Step – The car accesory you didn´t know you need!


BougeRV Door Step – The car accesory you didn´t know you need!


Universal Fitment: U.S. Patented. This car door step could sit flat on your car’s front door/ rear door or any other vehicle door frames by adjusting the sliding nut and the rotating rubber pad. It’s solidly in place in either position and more versatile for your needs. The rubber bumper is a nice protection feature for the car finish.

Strong Stability: This sturdy car step is molded as a one-piece design so it barely wobbles when you stand on it. The large rubber padding on the end makes a bigger contact between the step and the door jam, adding further stability to the step. Rubber boot around the hook will enhance the adhesion with the door latch.

Easy Storage: With medium size-8.66*3.39*3.15 inch/ 2.09lb, you could store it in your glove box/ spare tire compartment or under your seat when not in use. This little thing can be carried around anywhere and put on in a minute. It could work as an instant ladder and is very portable for all your road trips. Equipped with a flannel storage bag, it won’t scratch your vehicle interior.

Great Security: This car rooftop doorstep is made of solid aluminum holding up to 450lbs weight. With ample space for both feet to step on, you will feel perfectly safe on the step accessing items across your car roof. It takes less than 1 minute to install fits onto the door frame and latch very easily.

Popular Use: This rooftop doorstep is a patented vehicle accessory. You could step on it to install your roof rack/ cargo box/ ski rack/ kayak or wash your car roof and so on. Packed in an exquisite box, it’s also an ideal gift for your friends or family who own an SUV or truck!

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Published on: November 26, 2021

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