Audi has signaled that its Super Bowl ad this year would help promote the Audi A3 entry-level luxury sedan to the U.S. market and that, as in the other half-dozen commercials it has featured in the Big Game, the brand would employ some intelligent humor.
Today, Audi released a teaser and revealed a little bit more about the ad for Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2 – but not too much more.

In the teaser, two announcers are at a dog show and remarking on the disturbing appearance and actions of a particular “beast” they’re observing in the arena. The faces of show officials and judges begin to react negatively to something they’re seeing, and some begin to leave.

“I’ve never seen a breed like this,” one announcer says. “This beast is frightening.”

The other ads: “The dog’s haunches are tensioning.”

His colleague comes back in, nervously. “You know when I see that on a dog, I know he’s about to leap.”

Then there’s a loud snarl in the background and chaos ensues.

Audi’s teaser ends with the words, “Something scary is coming.”

No indication from Audi executives how closely the content of the teaser will relate to the actual in-game ad. Last year, Audi gave online viewers a vote during the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl about which of three endings they preferred to a story featuring an Audi A7, “The Prom,” whose script came to different possible climaxes. The one with the most votes was shown during the Big Game.

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Published on: January 28, 2014

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