America’s Midesize Sedan Wars

America’s Midesize Sedan Wars

The Mid-size sedan market is one of the hottest in America. Coming towards the end of the year car companies are fighting to see who can sell the most. So far the Toyota Camry has been number one but there is a new challenger on the court. The mid-size sedan segment is hot right now. This year sales are up 11% year over year so far. The Toyota Camry has been America’s best selling car for 13 years. It’s over 66,000 units ahead of it’s nearest rival the Honda Accord. Making it a certainty the Camry will be crowned king for a 14th year.

The Honda Accord is new this year. It still appeals to both the left brained and right brained buyer. Sensible but lots of fun to drive characteristics. But the latest challenger to the American Mid-size Sedan market is the Nissan Altima. Making a run at the top the Altima starts at the number 3 spot. It’s Nissan’s number one selling vehicle. But is it worthy of your test drive list?

For Starters it has a two MPG fuel economy better than any of its competitors, state of the art technology, and predictive collision warning that looks two cars ahead instead of just one. ONe of the most attractive features is the around car monitor system. It uses a bird’s eye view of the car to help with backing up and parking. A new engine, new exterior, and new suspension along with significant noise changes in the cabin are all plusses for the car. The cabin quiet is very noticeable and of course Nissan is famous for their Zero Gravity Seats. With safety, fuel economy, and reliability Nissan believe they have a winner. The mid-size sedan segment also have two very strong up and comers. The Mazda6 and the Subaru Legacy which ar both gainning strong sales and are nipping at the heals of the market leaders.

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Published on: November 17, 2015

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