5 Best Motorbikes in 2022

Ever since their very inception, motorbikes have grown in terms of popularity. With every year, the sales figures continue rising. Despite the pandemic and its effects on the supply chain, things are moving faster than ever in the motorbike industry. Those who just bought Vespa motorcycles must consider getting the right coverage for their Vespa Insurance policies. Modern bikes are comfortable and offer some of the most innovative features. Just as modern motorbikes offer comfort and innovative features, Utility Saving Expert offers consumers the comfort of easily comparing and finding the most suitable utility and insurance deals. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer in the world of utility planning, consider as your trusted partner for making informed decisions in 2022. If you are a biker at heart and are planning to buy a motorbike anytime soon, check out these 5 best motorbike models of 2022.

2022 Suzuki Hayabusa

Everyone on the planet is well-acquainted with the popularity and craze of Hayabusa. The brand introduced the model in 1999, and there’s been no stopping since then. The all-new third-generation Suzuki Hayabusa is powered by a 1340cc liquid-cooled 4-cylinder engine promising the most efficient performance on all kinds of terrains. This model features all the sought-after specifications – hill hold control, launch control, cruise control, and many others. It’s been tried and tested to meet all the safety standards. The mighty Hayabusa has been priced at $18,599 and is worth buying.

2022 BMW R18 Transcontinental

BMW is one of the most sought-after automotive brands in the world. The company calls this model a luxury cruiser with superior features ready to deliver efficient performance and a comfortable ride. The model is paired with a 6-speed transmission that works through a single-disc dry clutch. This bike is propelled to a maximum speed of 111 mph, and you will undoubtedly love riding it at optimum speed. The highlights of this bike include three ride modes, automatic stability control, dynamic cruise control, reverse assist, and hill-start control. This super-bike has been priced at $24,995 and is worth the hype. 2021 BMW R18 Cruiser Test Ride

Ducati Multistrada v4

All eyes are already on this upcoming bike, and it has created a huge buzz even before its release. This newly-developed version in the Multistrada family of Ducati includes 1158 grand tourist mode v4 four-cylinder to deliver a mind-blowing performance. This bike is sportier, stronger, more touring, and easier in urban action. The bike doesn’t feel heavy to ride, thanks to the 170 HP V4 Granturismo engine. You can enjoy long journeys on all kinds of terrains, thanks to its navigation system that can be viewed on the dashboard. The innovative rider assistance radar system further offers superior riding comfort. This bike features high ground clearance, and you can also adjust the seat down as per your riding style.

Aston Martin and Brough Superior AMB-001

This iconic motorbike is a limited-edition motorcycle. For the first time, Aston Martin has collaborated with Brough Superior and manufactured this incredible creation. The bike is strictly limited to 100 motorcycles only, and the track-only AMB 001 represents the iconic union of both companies. The variable geometry turbo of this bike is intercooled to offer increased efficiency, and its new-age low inertia turbine is designed to keep turbo lag at bay. The transmission features an extractible 6-speed gearbox and clutch and a final chain drive. The engine is built in good-quality metal, and its exhaust manifold is manufactured from Inconel. This model is truly a work of art. To find similar options on sale, you might want to hop over to

2022 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

This model is a bobber-styled cruiser and represents the iconic Bonneville series. The aesthetics are muscular, and it is powered by an updated liquid-cooled 1200cc high torque two-cylinder engine. The 6-speed gearbox of this motorbike delivers effortless acceleration, and its upgraded braking system fetches plenty of stopping power. This bike is further equipped with advanced rider techs such as cruise control, two riding models, ABS, and switchable traction control to offer an optimum ride quality. Takeaway From their performance and aesthetics to features and upgraded technology, the above-listed motorbikes are certainly designed to give you a one-of-a-kind riding experience. There are also other models you can check out such as Street Bobs. Do not forget to wear safety gear from MXstore when you ride them.

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