2016 MAZDA CX-9

Mazda reinvents Luxury in the all new CX-9 

The all new Mazda CX-9 now comes with premium items and materials that you would normally find on a German or Japanese luxury lineup of cars and SUVs. Those same Asian and European brands will charge you $20,000 more for those items than the Mazda CX-9 and most of those existing luxury brands don’t have a 3rd row like the Mazda CX-9 does.

The top trim levels include well constructed, thoughtfully designed and comfortable space with real Napa leather, authentic wood and actual brushed aluminium. Mazda has traditionally been a non luxury brand, however they have certainly challenged the luxury brands with this new SUV.

Executives pulled me aside and were fast to point out they are not abandoning the traditional market segment of an everyday car buyers with this new luxury venture, they are now just offering the top end customers premium appointments at a non premium price.


One of my surprises about driving this vehicle is the way Mazda designed the turbo, you have all this power instantly available and for a vehicle with three rows, that is exciting driving.

Mazda known as the Zoom Zoom company has worked hard at making the CX-9 a performance car, as well as a people hauler.

Check this out, the starting price of the brand new CX-9will be priced just under $32k, if you want to go for the fully loaded luxury style one you are talking about $45k starting price and it should be arriving in dealerships sometime this summer.

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Published on: May 23, 2016

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